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This is the camper that started it all. I was sick of living in our flip houses while renovating them so we needed a new plan. I had always loved camping in my Papa's camper- it was just like a tiny house! So we found this bunkhouse and bought it in 2019. When Eli pulled up with it, it was yuck! So grimy! So dark! I knew this could be better. We didn't want to put much into it, so we did this renovation with $3k. I was 7 months pregnant and could not breathe while painting all the nooks and crannies that a camper has, but 6 weeks later it was done and we settled in just in time to have our first RV homebirth that turned into an accidental unassisted homebirth. These photos are from a time when we could care less about picture quality so I hope you can see past the fuzzy haha!

Black on Transparent_edited_edited_edited.png
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