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      Have an RV but want to make it perfect just for you? Do you need us to find you the right RV to renovate? We are here to help! Here are our frequently asked questions to get you started!

-Do you renovate client rigs? Yes! We require client rigs to be dropped off at our house in upstate SC while we renovate.

-How long does your renovation process take? We generally take between 6-12 weeks to renovate depending on the size and the extensiveness of the remodel

-How much do your renovations cost? We generally charge between $10k for a smaller, simple remodel all the way up to $40k for a big, custom remodel. Let us know the size and what you are hoping to get done, and we'd be happy to get you a personalized quote! *Our general pricing info is below*

-Do you offer financing? We are not able to offer financing at this time. Payment for the materials + 50% of our labor fee is due before renovations are started. The remaining fee for labor is due within 5 business days of the project being completed.

-I dont own an RV yet- can you find an RV to renovate for me? Yes! We love to find the perfect rig to renovate for you! Unless you have a very specific layout/model you are looking for, we generally charge a $2,000 search fee to find and inspect RVs until we find the right one for you.

Pricing & Details

Our remodels generally range from $10,000 -$40,000. Read on to see what costs what and our processes.

Painting Process


For cabinets, we start by washing everything with tsp, then hot soapy water, sanding, wipe down with mineral spirits, prime with shellac, sand again, prime with oil, sand, 1st coat of paint, sand final time, then final coat of paint. For now we use Sherwin Williams Emerald Urathane Paint. For walls, we wash everything with tsp, hot soapy water, sand, then paint a test spot to scratch test. If the paint adheres, we paint everything. If it doesn't, we prime with oil then paint 2 coats. We use either Sherwin Williams Cashmere or Emerald Urathane.

We love to install vinyl plank flooring. We use the click lock kind because we have heard too many horror stories about peel and stick not sticking. If a rig is a lightweight model, we sometimes opt for a high quality vinyl sheet flooring to save on weight. We love to get rid of 100% of carpet because, well, carpet...So the slides get flooring, and beside the bed can have flooring, or butcherblock, or paint- anything but carpet lol.

For a Basic Remodel of $10,000 is for a midsize rig to be painted, flooring installed, and trimwork. We'll remove all the valances, patch all the holes and give you a fresh clean slate to start with. We might be able to squeeze a sink and faucet or countertops, cabinets pulls into this budget. It just depends on the size of your rig, how many paint colors you choose- we would be happy to take a look at your rig and tell you exactly what you can get in this range.

     Now we can just build from the basic! We can add pretty much anything! Just send your vision our way!

add ons

Blinds and Curtains- We can do simple blinds or curtains for about $450 depending on the number of windows and the size, or we can do fancy blinds or blinds and curtains. This area is a very simple diy so if you want to save a little, this is a good area to do so!


Countertops, Sinks, & Faucets- We love installing deep sinks and residential faucets! A kitchen sink & faucet with install can be $500 and up. Bathroom sink and faucet starts at $350. Countertops can be beautiful epoxy that looks like stone without the added weight, or walnut butcherblock, or the frugal stained plywood.


Shower/tub- We've heard many people say they love painting their old yellow tub, but our experience wasnt great. If the tub is too yellow to look at, we can replace the tub or shower base and install custom shower walls. If the rig can handle the extra weight, we can install vinyl wall tiles that look just like stone tile. If we dont have the extra weight to spare, we install vinyl sheet flooring on the walls. It looks amazing, is easy to clean, and lightweight! New shower without a new pan generally runs in the $600 range and with a new pan can be $1000. Vinyl wall tiles can be a little more. If we wanted to add gorgeous shower doors, or a big shower head, that is always a big bonus!


Custom builds- We can add a closet, big drawers, change the bed to a king, or even build in an antique piece! Make your RV work perfectly for you!

Lighting- We can be frugal with Amazon return items or we can get crazy and find unique designer lights or antique light fixtures from over the pond! Prices for lights and install can range from $50 all the way to $400.

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